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Message about COVID-19

We are now back in operation! We now offer all services (both indoor and outdoor). Rest assured that we have put in place adequate sanitary measures to provide a great service in a safe and healthy manner.

Maintain your property and good air quality

Carpet cleaning will allow you to restore the original appearance, which will restore the lustre and ensure good air quality in your home and allow you to get rid of more than 90 % of the mites in the carpet inlays. Do not neglect this task because the longer you wait to clean the carpet the more difficult it will be to restore a radiant appearance to your carpet. Try our service and we will be able to give you the results you want.

Materials and products used for cleaning carpets

  • Water extraction machine with two motors to clean and remove deep stains and odours
  • Bits suction for each surfaces (steps, walkways, nooks, carpets, couches)
  • Encapsulation machine for cleaning deep extremely stubborn stains, this machine is ideal for corridors with a lot of traffic.
  • Products of any kind depending on the type of stains and desired results

A method of extraction cleaning with hot or cold water (steam)

  • Using a pre stain in places with tough stains
  • Using a universal stain remover directly into the water extraction machine. The choice of product will be decided depending on the degree of dirt incrusted in the carpet
  • Extraction of the dry and wet dirt with hot or cold water depending on the fabric (synthetic or natural fibre)
  • If necessary run a second cleaning of the dirtiest surfaces
  • Drying time between 4 to 6 hours

Our team provides you:

  • A personalized service according to your needs
  • Competitive prices
  • Equipment and products at the forefront of technology
  • Insured employees in case of accidents

Professional carpet cleaning services

For more information or any questions regarding the services offered by the company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Professional carpet cleaning team

Rely on our professional teams and we will give you a result that will go beyond your expectations. Our teams carry over 1000 carpet cleaning annually, which allows us to offer you an excellent service. We serve the regions of Montreal, South Shore and the North Shore. Do not hesitate to contact us you will not be disappointed!

Basic procedures

  • Be sure to move the furniture and protect surfaces that are not clean
  • Apply a pre stain formula
  • Vacuum the concerned surfaces to remove dry dirt
  • Vacuum with water extraction for a thorough cleaning and incrusted stains. All these procedures will ensure a better quality of air and restore the original aspect of the carpet.
  • Repeat the procedure if the stained spots are still visible
  • Ventilate the room concerned to maximize the drying time

By choosing us our technician will be able to advise you on the best type of maintenance of your carpet for both daily maintenance and for the appearance of stubborn stains.

Cleaning process by encapsulating

  • Vacuum the dry surface with a high performance vacuum cleaner
  • Apply a pre stain in places with tough stains
  • Using a universal product directly into the rotary machine that encapsulates the dry and wet dirt on the pads of the machine
  • High efficiency on synthetic fabrics to make stains disappear on large areas such as offices or hallways
  • Drying time very fast (about 2 hours)